• Safer – First of all there is no need to send someone to work at height when you can send a drone.
  • Cheaper – A drone is a fraction of the cost of hiring a cherry picker or erecting traditional scaffolding.
  • Faster – Most of our jobs are completed in under an hour.

Drone Roof Survey Inspection 


Complete Accurate Roof Inspections, Measurements & Reports with Drones. We can quickly plan an automated drone flight and capture high-resolution roof imagery in  no time




Each roof report provides accurate square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, and slope. And you can rest easy knowing all the measurements are 99.4% accurate. Once the roof report is ready, we will send a PDF copy or export a DXF output compatible with your existing tools.

We can create a complete and highly accurate survey report with everything you need to generate a roof or insurance estimate.




Every roof inspection conducted by our survey drones offers HD video and high quality photographs, therefore making it so much easier to see those hard to reach locations.



Using drones to conduct building surveys is safe, cheap and fast. Get in touch if you would like to chat about how you could benefit from our services.



On completion of the job,download all of the data from the survey drone camera. supply all of the photographs and video taken on a memory stick for no additional cost.

Thermal imaging survey

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  1. Graham J Grist says:

    Hi, I would like you to please take at a look at my house on Google Earth and give me a price for
    1) Drone roof inspection
    2) Drone roof survey
    I am aware of the concept of photogrammetry, and can call to discuss .
    Are different angles involved in your photography and the images combined?
    I take it even small slate slippages would be evident?
    Would I be able to see if a slate is lifted by say 2mm at the bottom?
    The main concern is the South West Elevation where I need access to the neighbour’s garden to inspect.
    I suspect the trees in the way prevent you inspecting the garden studio roof?
    Are there privacy rules regarding the neighbours? How is that dealt with. One neighbour spends a lot of time in a conservatory with a glass roof.
    Please send me your email address and I can provide a screen shot from Google Earth defining the boundary. Thank you

    1. admin says:

      Hi Thanks for getting in contact, sorry for the delay in response my email address is please send any info over I will have a look and get back to you. Kind Regards Barry

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